Not  Too Strictly (2000) Song list

Released: 2000
Label: Strictly Country
  • Thierry Schoysman: banjo, vocals
  • Bert  Van Bortel: mandolin, vocals
  • Dirk Peeraer: dobro, vocals
  • Dirk Fonteyn: fiddle
  • Manuel Stessel: guitar
  • Etienne Brusten: bass, vocals

Listen to a sample (Typewriter)

Broken Hearted Lover (Alton Delmore, APRS, BMI)
The Good Ol' Persons were the first band I ever saw play great bluegrass without a banjo! We learned this one from them and use it to open our show, wherever we play.

The Highroad (Tim O'Brien, Howdy Skies Music, ASCAP)
Tim O'Brien and the O'Boys played the Highroad when they performed at Toogenblik in Brussels in 1993. Here's our arrangement. Watch for the twin fiddles by Dirk.

Shut De Do (Randy Stonehill, Stonehillian Music/Word Music ASCAP)
Tim & Mollie O'Brien recorded this. We added a few notes and movements. You'll have to come and see us live!

I Will (Lennon & McCartney, Maclen Music, BMI)
Banjo great Tony Furtado made the arrangement and Alison Krauss sold over 2 million copies of it. We don't have Alison in the band but Etienne does all he can to look sound as good.

Gone But Not Forgotten (Peter Wernick, Niwot Music, ASCAP)
A sad song. "She's gone and he can't forget her." We'd rather sing you the happy version, "She's not gone, but he's already forgotten her," or the desperate, "He forgot her, but she doesn't want to leave." But that wouldn't sound very bluegrass, would it ?

Medley : Old Mother Flanagan / Green Fields of America
Manuel is a terrific melodic clawhammer banjo player. He knows dozens of songs like this. When he picks this one with Dirk, the rest of us can take a rest and enjoy the music.

Sweet Chariot (arr. Doyle Lawson, Southern Melody Publishing, Co, BMI)
Doyle Lawson is our favorite arranger of a cappella gospel songs. We do a few of them and chose this one for the CD

Here Comes Goodbye (John Pennell, Solargrass Music, BMI)
We closed our show at the 1996 Autumn Leaves Festival (in The Netherlands) with Here Comes Goodbye. John Pennell, who wrote it, amongst several other beautiful Alison Krauss songs, was watching us from back stage. He said he felt very honored to have one of his songs played here in Europe. And we surely felt very honored to have him listening to us.
I know, my voice doesn't rock like Elvis'. But any lower key wouldn't fit the instruments, so ...

Lassie (Bert Van Bortel, SABAM)
Finally! A Rawhide original, written by Bert.

It's Too Hot for Words (Samuel, Whitcup & Powell, Chapell Music, ASCAP)
Swing time! We learned it from Spectrum, a band that played around 1980.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree (R. Brown &I. Levine, Irwin Levine Music, BMI)
Years before getting together with this band, I remember Dirk Peeraer experimenting with this song he found on a tape of an unidentified barbershop quartet. Finally, Dirk found the courage to write down all the vocal parts and teach them to us.

Red Haired Boy (Traditional)
A traditional bluegrass instrumental. It is not a 10-string banjo you hear, but a double banjo break arranged with sweat and tears.

Crossing the Cumberlands (Bill Monroe)
Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass, wrote tons of songs and instrumentals. This version of dobro great Sally Van Meter is one of our favorites.

Romance is a Slow Dance (Tim O'Brien, Howdy Skies Music, ASCAP)
Another Tim O'Brien original. It's really hard not to play even more of our favorite songwriter. A romantic song with Etienne's voice at its best.

The Typewriter (Leroy Anderson, EMI Mills Music Inc, ASCAP))
This is a classical tune you may have seen performed by Jerry Lewis on a typewriter. Bert made an arrangement and wrote all the parts for our bluegrass instruments and Dirk Peeraer constructed a musical typing machine (As copyrights are not registered yet, we can not print a picture of this seventh bluegrass instrument).